Fine begins at the vine

We are neither a vineyard nor a winery, but we do “produce” the very best boutique wines from the most venerated Israeli and Italian winemakers.


Wine and Happy Hearts: a shared journey.

For many years, our company was aging to perfection in a wise man’s heart. Or, if you will, in his “barrel” chest. Then, in 2007, it ripened. Happy Hearts Wine was uncorked. Its sweet notes and tantalizing aromas flowed freely. And it captured the world’s taste buds.

The idea was always quite simple; it just meant dealing with complex products. Bringing in wines from Israel is an effortless import/export matter. It is the selection and the complexity of our wines that makes our notion a striking one.

"We see your glass as half empty—and aim to fill it."

Wines have been pouring in to all corners of the globe ever since. But only the finest boutique wines make our cut. Only wines of the highest caliber and excellence can merit a seat in our cellars. If a wine isn’t special, it isn’t us.

We have gone to great lengths to assemble an elite collection of limited wines. As you skim through our selection, you'll see better choices evident in its array. Feel the distinction. Taste the exclusivity.


Wine with spirit