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All New Namura From or Haganuz

You might have waited for this new string of delicious wines,but we already stood by these wines for a full 14-18 months. And that is just the aging process alone.

Although “right off the press” might be a smart way of saying that these select wines are new arrivals, let’s not mistake that. The press was only one of many stages somewhere along the line of perfecting the Namura collection.

Wine is like a person. From birth it grows, in youth it gleams, in maturity it stabilizes, with age it magically perfects. And then, we present it to you. Minus the clunky barrel. A single bottle weighs less. And pours a tad better.

Check out all five bottles in the Namura collection. Smell, swirl, swish, taste, savor. Go all out. These wines are all in.

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